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Keeping Your Financial Resolutions

Did you know 58% of Americans start the new year by making a resolution to get their finances in order, but only 19% are able to keep it? The middle of January, when winter is at its most brutal, is often when people decide to quit on their resolution and go back to their old behavior.

I want you to know that my team and I are here to help you reach your financial goals. Your mortgage is your largest monthly bill and we can often help you find a loan length and term that will help you achieve your financial goal.

Interest rates are still near historic lows and a cash out refinance could help you achieve the goal of paying off credit card debt. A cash out refinance could also help you pay down student debt you may be carrying.

If your goal this year is to move into a new home, my team and I can help you make that dream come true. The property market is still hot with home inventories still low, so feel free to reach out to me for a pre-approval letter so you don't miss out on the home of your dreams. My team and I have decades of experience and we are here to help buyers like you navigate the home ownership process.

Personal finances are never a pleasant topic to discuss, but you can rest assured that my experience in the mortgage industry means I have seen almost every scenario possible. I will do my best to help you to be financially successful and I will never advise you to take out a mortgage that doesn't align with your longer term goals.

As always, thanks for trusting me with your business.


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